Delivering a single view

With an ever-increasing burden of regulation, a squeeze on budgets and more demanding customers, organisations need to find innovative ways to be compliant, collaborate more effectively and generate additional revenue.

A single view of your customers, citizens or other entities can enable all of these advantages and more.

Key messages:

  • Organisations across the public and private sector can benefit from having a single view of their citizens, customers, products and other assets
  • A single view can help ease the burden of compliance, improve collaboration, increase customer-centricity and unlock new streams of revenue
  • A single view needs to be trustworthy and remain up to date
  • To be successful, a technological single view capability needs to be backed up by appropriate governance of people, processes and information
  • A Master Data Management platform enables organisations to create a single view. There are four main approaches to implementing Master Data Management
  • Each approach has its relative strengths and weaknesses, and organisations need to select the right one for their specific circumstances
  • The chosen platform needs to be rolled out in a controlled way, focusing first on the areas that will deliver the greatest business benefit